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The quality of your family’s health and comfort depends on your home’s indoor quality. That’s why at Thorsen’s we specialize in indoor air quality solutions. As part of your overall heating/cooling system maintenance, duct cleaning and ventilation management it is essential to minimize indoor contaminants to maximize HVAC efficiency. Using the most advanced technology in air filtration and decontamination, our team can eliminate 99.98% of airborne particles and 99.9% of surface microorganisms from your home’s environment improving your indoor air quality to help defend you against common colds, virus and allergies. Whether you’re updating your home for better health, energy-efficiency/sustainability or you’re building a new home, Thorsen’s offers a complete line of innovative products designed to improve the quality of indoor air – to improve the quality of your life! Call Thorsen’s today!



For standard maintenance, bi-annual duct cleaning is recommended, however if you suffer from:
(1) respiratory conditions
(2) smoke indoors
(3) have multiple house pets
(4) have recently remodeled 
more frequent duct cleaning is recommended.


Are you aware of the potential risks and dangers that a clothes dryers poses to you and your family?

It is estimated that there are as many as 15,000 fires a year in the U.S. causing injuries, millions of dollars in property damage and in some cases, death. Most of these disasters could have been avoided by taking the simple step of routine maintenance and dryer vent cleaning.

In addition to fires, your clothes dryer can pose other risks to your health. A dryer vent is an ideal breeding ground for molds that can make your entire family ill. If your dryer is gas operated, carbon monoxide can seep into your home posing extremely dangerous consequences.

Besides safety and health issues, dirty dryer vents cost you money! Air flow blockages due to lint build-up cause your dryer to work harder causing your energy consumption to soar. Your clothes will dry 33% faster when your dryer vents are free from lint build-up!

In order to avoid all these hazards, you need to maintain a proper schedule of dryer vent cleaning. The usual recommendation is vent cleaning at least two times per year. If you use your dryer daily (or almost daily), it is recommended you have your vents cleaned three or four times per year.

Routine maintenance and dryer vent cleaning is an important step to take to keep you safe. Protect your family, your property and save money – Call Thorsen’s today!

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Updated 3/23/2020:

We have been established as an essential business for both 24/7 plumbing and heating repairs. We will continue to use safety equipment, including but not limited to: face masks, gloves, and disposable shoe covers, in an effort to further protect the safety and well-being of all our employees and our customers. We can be reached by calling our normal phone numbers: (209) 632-3194 and (209) 523-8365.
We hope that everyone continues to stay safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Joshua Pitau
General Manager
Thorsen’s-Norquist Inc.